Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau

The Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau, led by Chief Lynette M. Reda, is responsible for the prosecution of all cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Our mission is to aggressively pursue justice on behalf of our most vulnerable victims while also being sensitive to the unique issues and dynamics associated with these crimes. All those assigned to the Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau receive specialized training and prosecute cases by means of a multi-disciplinary team approach designed to minimize the trauma suffered by the victim.

The Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau is responsible for the prosecution of all cases arising between domestic and intimate partners; i.e. crimes occurring between spouses, ex-spouses, family members who live together, and those involved in intimate relationships. In contrast to most other cases, domestic violence cases require much more attention and time because domestic violence victims are often frightened or reluctant to prosecute. Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau carry a caseload involving any combination of the following offenses: assault, burglary, robbery, criminal contempt, endangering the welfare of a child, unlawful imprisonment, intimidating a victim/witness, menacing, criminal mischief, and stalking. 

The bureau is also responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all crimes against children, including physical and sexual abuse. The office also prosecutes cases involving child pornography or defendants using the Internet and social media to solicit explicit photos and/or arrange sexual encounters with underage victims. 

Assistant District Attorneys assigned to this bureau are responsible for the prosecution of all rape and sexual assault cases. Our prosecutors work with our partners in law enforcement to investigate human trafficking-related crimes. Prosecutors assigned to sex crime cases have extensive experience and specialized training to work with those who have been victimized and to achieve justice for survivors of sexual assault. 

The Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau has a dual mission: to prosecute offenders and to prevent them from harming the victim in the future. This unique reactive/proactive prosecution model is made more challenging by the number of cases and the unique needs and behaviors of many domestic violence and other victims. Our prosecutors work to secure orders of protection to prevent the defendant from having further contact with the victim. 

Prosecutors assigned to the Special Victims/Domestic Violence Bureau receive specialized training and appear in all city, town and village courts. They also staff several OCA specialty courts, including the Buffalo City Court Domestic Violence Part, the Erie County Court Felony Domestic Violence Court and the State Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Court. Prosecutors are assisted by specially trained advocates and social workers that work with victims to address their special needs and to ensure their safety.

Lyn Reda has been an assistant district attorney with the Erie County District Attorney’s Office for the past 25 years. She previously served as the Bureau Chief of Felony Trials, Domestic Violence, Vehicular Crimes, Project Exile and the Assistant Bureau Chief of Grand Jury. She spent many years prosecuting sex offenses in our Special Victims Bureau. Prior to joining the Erie County DA’s Office, Lyn was a Public Defender in Los Angeles, California for eight years. She has tried dozens of cases, mostly sex crimes, that resulted in substantial jail time for those convicted and several that ended in sentences of 25 years to life in prison.

02/23/2023 - 11:57 am