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Raise the Age Unit

The Raise the Age Unit is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases involving adolescent offenders and juvenile offenders.

Raise the Age

Adolescent offenders (ages 16 & 17) who are accused of committing a crime are no longer automatically prosecuted as “adults” in New York State. Under the Raise the Age legislation, cases against adolescent offenders who have been charged with low-level criminal offenses are automatically transferred to Family Court where the case is prosecuted by the County Attorney's Office. When an adolescent offender is accused of committing a felony, the case is first heard in the Youth Part of Superior Court.

The Raise the Age Unit, led by Chief Justin Wallens, is responsible for the prosecution of the most serious and violent crimes committed by adolescent offenders and juvenile offenders (age 15 and younger) in Youth Part. Depending on the circumstances of the case, prosecutors may be required to file an “Extraordinary Circumstance” motion, arguing that the matter should not be transferred to Family Court due to the serious nature of the crime. If that motion is successful, the adolescent offender is prosecuted, similar to an adult, by our office in the Youth Part of Superior Court.

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