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Narcotics/Intelligence Bureau

The Narcotics/Intelligence Bureau, led by Chief John P. Gerken, Jr., is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of individuals who traffic and distribute illegal drugs in our communities. 

Over the past several years, there has been a concerning rise in opioid-related overdose deaths in Erie County. The District Attorney’s Office has approached the opioid epidemic on two primary fronts – through treatment and enforcement. Under the leadership of District Attorney John Flynn, our office and our partners have engaged in a multi-faceted approach to combat this growing public safety and public health epidemic, including the establishment of the first Opioid Intervention Court program in our nation. 


Assistant District Attorneys assigned to the Narcotics/Intelligence Unit work alongside our partners in law enforcement to investigate and aggressively prosecute drug dealers within the bounds of the law. The bureau collaborates with local, state and federal agencies to identify and disrupt the sources of these deadly drugs that have been trafficked into Erie County. The mission of the bureau is to prosecute the individual street drug dealers while working to uncover the sources of their supply through intelligence.


The District Attorney's Office continues to support local Drug Treatment Courts as well as the Opioid Intervention Court and the Veterans’ Court located within Buffalo City Court. These diversion courts operate within the criminal justice system to engage low-level, non-violent offenders in long-term substance abuse treatment programs.

06/28/2023 - 3:19 pm