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Homicide Bureau

The Homicide Bureau is responsible for reviewing all homicides that occur within Erie County. While certain cases may be referred to other bureaus, this bureau handles the investigation and prosecution of the majority of homicides, which include the most complex and high-profile murder cases. 

Our prosecutors develop these criminal cases through the use of forensic science, digital evidence, autopsies, DNA testing and other investigative methods. Our Assistant District Attorneys routinely participate in suspect interviews and prepare search warrants, making certain that these investigative techniques do not run afoul of the often complex legal pitfalls that could be detrimental to a successful criminal prosecution. 

As head of the Homicide Bureau, Chief Gary W. Hackbush is responsible for overseeing the investigation of all homicides. He supervises a team of some of the most experienced Assistant District Attorneys and Confidential Criminal Investigators within our office, while maintaining his own caseload. Chief Hackbush is on-call to advise law enforcement agencies on matters concerning criminal charges, obtaining search warrants, evidence collection, witness and suspect interviews.

Recent High-Profile Homicide Convictions

People v. Matthew Gerwitz

People v. Charles Jones

People v. Payton Gendron