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About the Framework

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The absence of a region-wide vision for conservation, development, and public investment has become an increasingly central concern of the Region’s leaders. For the past four decades—the last regional plan was completed in 1974—local and regional actions have occurred without the benefit of reference to a larger policy or planning framework.

Important decisions regarding the location and pace of development, investments in economic development, the extension of sewer and water service, improvements to parks and major public facilities, and investments in transportation infrastructure have been made without a clear sense of how individual actions influence the Region’s livability and economic vitality.

To fill this void, Erie & Niagara Counties have partnered to develop the Framework for Regional Growth. As envisioned by County leaders, the Framework establishes basic policies and principles to guide the future growth and development of the Region.

Specifically, the Framework provides:

  • a vision for how we wish the region to grow and redevelop over the next 15 years;
  • direction regarding growth and redevelopment matters to county decision-makers and other regional organizations linked to the two counties via funding, membership, or other relationships;
  • information on the ways local governments, private sector, and non-profit actions and initiatives can reinforce the overall regional vision; and
  • mechanisms to insure that the goals, concepts, and recommendations of the Framework for Regional Growth are implemented in an efficient and accountable manner.