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Citizens Salary Review Commission

The Citizens Salary Review Commission was established in 1986 as Article 22-B (now Article 22-A) of the Erie County Charter. The commission consists of nine members representative of taxpayer, civic, labor, business, professional, financial and minority groups in the county of Erie. Five (5) members of the commission are appointed by the County Executive. Two (2) members of the commission are appointed by the Legislature’s Majority, one (1) member is appointed by the Legislature’s Minority and one (1) member is appointed by the County Comptroller.


Section 22-A-01: Each Executive, Legislative and Comptroller appointment to the commission is for a term of three years, except that the appointment of a person to fill a vacancy occurring by death, resignation, or cause other than the expiration of a term, shall be made for the unexpired term. Each member shall continue to serve until the appointment and qualification of his or her successor. Vacancies are filled and the appointments of successors are made in the same manner as original appointments by the appointing authority responsible for the original appointment. The term of office of all members of the commission is deemed as commencing on July 1, 1986.

Duties of the Commission

Section 22-A-02: Beginning on July 1, 1986, the commission will review the salaries of all elected officials of the county of Erie, except for the District Attorney, and report its recommendations to the County Executive and the County Legislature by September 1st of that year. The committee will provide ample opportunity for public input prior to making its recommendations to the County Executive and County Legislature. Such a review of salaries must occur during every even year starting with 1986.

Role of the Legislature

Beyond the appointment of three (3) total members to the commission, the Legislature’s role is as follows (As set forth in Section 202.3 of the Erie County Charter).

The Erie County Legislature is hereby prohibited from changing the salary of any county elected official, excluding the District Attorney, except in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Prior to acting upon the Citizens Salary Review Commission's biennial report, the County Legislature shall hold at least one public hearing to solicit public input on said commission's recommendations.
  • Notices of all such public hearings shall be published at least once in the official newspaper or newspapers of the county and in such other newspapers as the County Legislature may direct. At least five days but not more than ten days shall elapse between the first publication of such notice and the date specified for the hearing.
  • The County Legislature shall have one year from the date said recommendations are submitted to adopt, modify, or reject the recommendations of the citizens salary review commission.
  • Any salaries approved by the County Legislature in excess of those recommended by the Citizens Salary Review Commission shall be approved by a vote of at least two thirds of all the members of the County Legislature.
  • The County Legislature shall specifically establish the effective date of any adjustments in the salaries of elected county officials. No increase in the salary of an elected official shall be permitted for any fiscal year in which there is an increase in the real propertyfull value tax rate over the real property full tax rate of the previous fiscal year.
  • The County Legislature's review of salaries as set forth above shall occur during every even year starting with 1986. No increase in the salary of any county elected official shall take effect until the current term of office of the elected official that is to recieve an increase in salary has ended.  Amended by Local Law No. 1-2017

Current Salary Review Commission Report

2018 Citizens Salary Review Commission Recommendations

Prior Salary Review Commission Reports

1996 Citizens Salary Review Commission Recommendations

2004 Citizens Salary Review Commission Recommendations

2014 Citizens Salary Review Commission Recommendations


Current Appointments

County Executive: Laurie Buonanno (Chair), Owen Patrick Brady, Jerry Newman, William Ransom and Christopher Stone.

Legislature Majority: Tiffany Perry, Michael Lukasik

Legislature Minority: Louis Panzica

County Comptroller: Donald Allen

Upcoming Meeting

No Additional Commission Meetings Will Be Held


Prior Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2018 CSRC Meeting 1

September 11, 2018 CSRC Meeting 2

September 18, 2018 CSRC Meeting 3

September 25, 2018 CSRC Meeting 4

October 2, 2018 CSRC Meeting 5

October 9, 2018 CSRC Meeting 6