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Today we learned a second migrant has been arrested on sex abuse charges.  The 22-year-old man is charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment for an incident involving a female employee of the very agency providing services to these migrants. 

This comes just days after a self-purported asylum seeker that was shipped here from NYC was charged with raping a woman in front of a 3-year old child.  In addition, we have learned others have been arrested on petit larceny charges.  When does it end? 

Mark Poloncarz told us we were “morally repugnant” for wanting to declare a State of Emergency.  Mark Poloncarz told us these migrants were properly vetted and just looking for a better life.  Mark Poloncarz invited this problem to Erie County.  Mark Poloncarz should be ashamed for making our community less safe, for ridiculing those who didn’t trust that the system in place was working, for trusting that New York City and Albany had our best interests at heart.  Mark Poloncarz is a feckless leader who put our residents in harm’s way by opening Erie County’s doors to those with wrong intentions. 

These alleged crimes are horrible and disgusting.  The alleged abusers need to be brought to justice and removed from our community.  The problem is at our doorstep because the County Executive welcomed it.  Our municipal neighbors who resisted the relocation of migrants to their communities aren’t dealing with these problems and neither should we.  As government leaders, ensuring the safety of our residents is one of our primary responsibilities.  We have put the security of Erie County residents first.  Mark Poloncarz has not.  Erie County must utilize the full power of our government to refuse additional resettlements of migrants, and work with New York City to send those who are here back.  As always, our sympathy is with the victim.   Our concern and loyalties are with our constituents.  Their safety should never be compromised. They don’t deserve this.