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This morning’s news that a self-purported asylum seeker that was shipped here from NYC has been charged with raping a woman in front of a 3-year-old child is absolutely horrible and disgusting.  The alleged rapist needs to be brought to justice and removed from our community.  This problem is at our doorstep because the County Executive welcomed it.  Our municipal neighbors who resisted the relocation of migrants to their communities aren’t dealing with these problems, and neither should we.  This is why back in May we were proactive on this issue.  As government leaders, ensuring the safety of our residents is one of our primary responsibilities.  We cannot accept that these people are properly vetted and that their presence in our community will have no impact on us.  Erie County must utilize the full power of our government to refuse additional resettlements of migrants, and work with New York City to send those who are here back.  What was reported today was a tragic crime, and we can’t have one more.  However, it is just the start of the problems.  When New York City runs out of money, there will be financial problems.  In four weeks when your children return to school, there will be stress placed on your school districts.  As a community we can’t afford the financial burden, and we don’t deserve an uptick in crime.  Our sympathy is with the victims of this crime, but our concern and loyalties are also with our constituents, who don’t deserve this burden.