Legislator Lorigo introduces resolutions in support of repealing bail reform laws and increasing public safety measures in Erie County and New York State

Erie County, N.Y. – Erie County Legislator Joe Lorigo is calling on state leaders to repeal bail reform laws and adopt policies that will improve public safety throughout New York State and Erie County.

The first resolution calls for repealing of recent bail reform measures, increasing penalties for hate crimes motivated by antisemitism, and re-instituting bail eligibility for repeat offenders and hate crimes.

Legislator Lorigo said, “Bail reform measures have been a disaster from the beginning. Instead of giving judges discretion, criminals are sent back out into the community and essentially given a pass to continue committing crimes. Victims and witnesses suffer while the laws cater to defendants. District attorneys and law enforcement officials, including here in Erie County, have been vocally opposed to this failed legislation. It’s time we start listening to them.”

The second resolution supports a collection of bills in the Safer NY Plan. This includes strengthening New York State’s mental health system, providing additional support for communities and schools, and offering law enforcement and local government additional resources to prevent targeted and other violent acts from occurring.

Additionally, the plan supports an integrated community-wide approach to ending targeted violence through the creation of county-wide targeted violence prevention task forces that integrate social services, mental and behavioral health, law enforcement, school districts, higher education, human rights and non-profit organizations, faith communities, and local government leaders.

“It’s important to quickly identify those who are a threat to our communities and stop them before they are able to carry out a violent attack,” Legislator Lorigo added. “Schools, law enforcement, and other organizations should have all the resources they need to address mental health issues and properly deal with an individual who makes a threat or exhibits suspicious behavior. I hope my colleagues will join me in sending a message to Albany that the Safer NY Plan should be a top priority.”


09/22/2022 - 11:51 am