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Statement from Legislator April Baskin In Support of Kelly Galloway and the FreeTHEM Walk

The Erie County Legislature has provided $30,000 in funding to Project Mona’s House over the past three years. To say I am proud of Kelly Galloway and the FreeTHEM walkers is an understatement; as a body, we have not only valued their work personally with a resolution in 2018 acknowledging Project Mona’s House directly, but also by formally funding this organization for the important work they continue do. Erie County has officially made a commitment to ending human trafficking and the modern day slavery which we know still exists, thanks in no small part to the advocacy of Kelly Galloway herself. Thank you to Kelly and her team of freedom walkers for their continued fight to bring awareness to the issue of human trafficking which we know still exists even in 2021.”

02/23/2022 - 1:38 pm