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Baskin and Johnson to Announce RENEW Plan Projects

(Buffalo, NY) Erie County Legislators April N. M. Baskin and Howard Johnson announced the organizations that would be receiving funding through Erie County’s Reinvest in Erie's Neighborhoods and Employ our Workforce (RENEW) Plan. Erie County will receive at total of $178 million in American Rescue Plan funding over the next two years. The RENEW Plan incorporates the first $89 million as well as an additional $34 million from Erie County directly. The legislators spoke of their commitment to ensuring the funds were spent in an equitable manner and that programs and organizations in the City of Buffalo received funding to help them emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than before.

“Buffalo is the County Seat, and the hub of our region,” noted Erie County Legislature Chair April N. M. Baskin. “Hundreds of thousands come into the city every week to collect a paycheck or go to sporting events, concerts or to enjoy our parks and public spaces, and we need the city to be successful. City residents pay County property taxes, sales taxes and other fees to Erie County. And the hundreds of thousands who come into Buffalo from neighboring communities on a weekly basis make use of our infrastructure, which is why I was committed to ensuring that our residents and neighborhoods were at the head of the table when the county made decisions on how to appropriate these funds.”

“In addition to funding infrastructure and community organizations, the RENEW Plan includes the creation of an Erie County Department of Health Equity office that focuses on minority health needs in Buffalo.  The RENEW Plan also invests millions of dollars in infrastructure and public benefit projects on the East and West Sides of Buffalo. Our version of the package made sure that all residents and projects in Erie County received support equitably, based on need.”

“I am a hands-on legislator,” said Erie County Legislator Howard Johnson. “Since taking office in 2018, I have met with community organizations across the East and West Sides, I’ve talked to them about their challenges and their dreams, and I have worked to deliver for them. This money will be invested in our community centers, our cultural jewels, and our parks. It will lay the groundwork for more affordable housing and provide small business owners with a new open-air market. Budgets are moral documents. How you spend your money, like how you spend your time, speaks to what you value, and I am proud of the plan Chair Baskin and I developed to ensure that Erie County’s RENEW Plan would not leave the neighborhoods we represent behind.”

The organizations receiving funding are:

Colored Musicians Club

For the renovation of the 2nd Floor to assist with the next phase of the Club's capital improvement project

Juneteenth Festival

For a roof replacement at Juneteenth Headquarters

George Arthur Community Center

For building and Mechanical Upgrades

Matt Urban Center

For restoration and improvements to upgrade emergency homeless shelter

City of Buffalo

For sidewalk replacement from Sycamore to Genesee

New Covenant United Church of Christ

For exterior improvements for this important house of worship

Ike and BGs

For investment in affordable housing

Mt. Aaron Development Corporation

For investment in affordable housing

Nanny's Nook Day Care Center

To build an addition to expand childcare capacity in a high demand neighborhood

Erie County Industrial
 Land Development Corporation

To build a pavilion for small retail businesses without access to retail space

Erie County - Parks

To improve curb appeal of the golf course with enhanced landscaping and to beautify the Bailey Avenue side of the park

City of Buffalo

For sidewalk Replacement and Accessibility Improvements from Winspear to Main

Erie County - Health

To enhance façade of Health Mall to increase awareness and accessibility of the facility in the neighborhood

Clarke Dance Academy

To expand the facility

02/23/2022 - 1:42 pm